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I'll try and avoid the links that everyone knows about, so as to try and keep the list short and sweet.


Lissa explains it all : This is a nice site for learning all the basics of HTML and even some CSS, it also has some Javascripts (though they look like they're for a 12 year old's homepage, but they probably are).

Major Geeks : This site has loads and loads of useful software and utilities for downloading, it's a nice site.

OCS Forums: My fave geek forum... well the only one I go to, but then it's because it's good, very useful for information about all puter things, and the regulars are friendly and helpful.

XP Tips: A nice site to learn little tips and tricks to help get over the annoying aspects of Windows XP.


Jazz Radio: I like this site, even though I'm not the biggest jazz fan in the world, but it's cool! Let's boogie!!!

Kenickie Corner: The band broke up a couple or so years ago, but I still like them, and this is a nice and comprehensive site, even if the Webmaster mentions the songs are available to download from him off Napster, I'd try Kazaa Lite now though. :)

Motion & Heart: A nice OMD Site.

Idlewild: One of my fave bands, I have to put a link to their site.

Delgados: Last but not least, another fave band, and they're Scottish too, aswell as Idlewild.


UMD: The main, if not only, resource for WAM (Wet and Messy fetish). If it's not on the UMD, then it's not WAM. :)

LiberatorWAM: The best male WAM site, with pics of my good friend LiberatorWAM (Paul) (the link doesn't work, it will when the site is back up on a new host)

Slidok's Stories: A collection of WAM stories (mainly wet right now) written by my good friend Slidok (Sli :)).

GungeGirls: Another WAM site made by 'noise'.


World Press Review: A nice online paper with articles from newspapers from around the world, it's good to see how other countries report things.

World Newspapers: Similar to above.

Zmag: A huge and excellent site with lots of articles from lots of different writers, it's worth checking regularly, at least I do. :)

Noam Chomsky Archive: I want to have his babies. :)

CounterPunch: Another really good site with informative and insightful articles, and some less so, but then you can judge which yourself.


Kazaa Lite: The best file sharing programme there is in my opinion, and the site has other useful little utilities to download aswell.

Pop-up Stopper: A nice free programme for stopping those annoying pop-ups.

GPSPages: This is a nice site made by a friend of mine, check it out. :)

UK Food: A nice wee site with loads of recipe's, just for if you like cooking like me. :)